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Rainbow Room


What is the Rainbow Room?


The RAINBOW ROOM is an actual storeroom located in the CPS offices in Conroe, TX. The room is maintained by the volunteers of Community Partners of Montgomery County.


The RAINBOW ROOM is stocked with only new items, such as clothing, diapers, formula, hygiene products, lice shampoo, cleaning supplies and food. Toys, books, car seats, backpacks and portable beds are also available. In addition to the RAINBOW ROOM at the CPS offices, inventory is also stored in nearby offsite storage units so that items can be quickly replenished. Caseworkers have access to the RAINBOW ROOM around the clock and they complete inventory control sheets for items given to or used for the benefit of their clients.


RAINBOW ROOM volunteers replenish inventory items as they are used and CPS caseworkers can always contact a volunteer when unusual needs arise.


If you would like to help - check out our Rainbow Room Wish List!

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