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Terry Lee Award

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Recognizing CPS Employee Excellence

Annually, the Rainbow Room Board of Directors recognizes one Conroe Child Protective Services (CPS) worker that, in the judgement of their supervisors, best emulates the qualities of their predecessor, Terry Lee.

Due to a horrible tragedy in 2007, Terry left us way too soon. She was the CPS liaison to the Rainbow Room Board from the start and helped us identify the needs of the children and her fellow caseworkers. But more than that, she epitomized the values that we all aspire to embrace daily with clients, co-workers, families, friends and strangers as well.

She dedicated her life to reaching out and helping others. Her generosity and caring touched the lives of virtually everyone with whom she came in contact. To be compared to this exceptional person, either by nomination or award, should be every CPS employee’s goal. To be singled out for this honor is both a professional and personal achievement to be cherished always.


These individuals have made it their life's work to put the needs of children first! Help us to keep honoring them with your support!

Winners of the Terry Lee Employee Award for Excellence

2023 - Sherrie Meredith

2022 - Denise Mulhall

2021 - Mildred Anderson

2020 - Tony Valenti & Elizabeth Vance​

2019 - Tiffanney Peck

2018 - Kimberly Roe-Anderson

2017 - Sue Oviedo

2016 - Marilyn Steer

2015 - Eileen Robinson

2014 - Marcella Herrera

2013 - Leshia Fisher

2012 - Dustin Hill

2011 - Clara Novark

2010 - Pam Thomas

2009 - John Lee

2008 - Marilyn Wilder

2007 - Jennifer Kocian & Jeffrey Baldys

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