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Community Partners of Montgomery County

Giving Children Hope through the Rainbow Room

                                                 2013     2014     2015      2016     2017

Reported Abuse/Neglect         3,736     4,114     4,588     4,394     4,866

Confirmed Abuse/Neglect         624        567        503        605        807

     % of Reported Cases           17%       14%      11%       14%       17%

Children Removed                      230        200        161        200        283

     % of Confirmed Cases          37%       35%       32%       33%      35%

Fatalities                                       1            1           0            4           3

Each year in Montgomery County, hundreds of children are confirmed as abused and/or neglected. This includes physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse. In 2017, Montgomery County had 807 confirmed cases of abuse. Many of those cases resulted in children being removed from their home environment . . . 283 children in 2017 . . . with 3 fatalities resulting from child abuse!

Following are the Montgomery County, Texas statistics for the past 5 years:

Community Partners of Montgomery County is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides basic need items through the Rainbow Room for Child Protective Services (CPS) and Adult Protective Services (APS) caseworkers to meet the short-term needs of abused and neglected children (and adults) throughout Montgomery County, Texas.

More About CPMC

CPMC provides new, critical items for children in CPS care, which include, but are not limited to, children's clothing of all sizes, lice shampoo, diapers, hygiene items, baby bottles, formula, temporary bedding, child safety items, snacks, juices, stuffed animals, etc.  These items are stocked in the "Rainbow Room" located in the CPS offices in Conroe, TX.  This provides the CPS Caseworkers full access to the items

on a 24/7 basis. 

Size of the Problem

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Other significant events in CPMC's history:

  • July 2003: CPMC received IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

  • January 2011: The Rainbow Room was moved to a larger space within the CPS offices. The new space is three times larger than the original space.

Community Partners of Montgomery County


In Appreciation

The CPMC organization was formed in 1997.   The Rainbow Room was set up and stocked in early 1998 in the CPS offices in Conroe, TX in a 12' x 15' vacant office.  Laura Bush, who was the First Lady of Texas at that time, was the featured guest at the grand opening on February 12, 1998. Mrs. Bush was also instrumental in starting the first Community Partners organization in Dallas.