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CPMC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides new critical items (but not limited to) include children's clothing of all sizes, lice shampoo, diapers, hygiene items, baby bottles, formula, temporary bedding, child safety items, snacks, juices, stuffed animals, etc.  The items are stocked in the "Rainbow Room" which is located in the CPS offices in Conroe, TX.  This provides the CPS Caseworkers full access to the items on a 24/7 basis. 

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Rainbow Room of Montgomery County Celebrates 25 Years!

This week my friend Dolfia Hearn contacted me with news of a very significant anniversary that the Board of Directors for Conroe’s Rainbow Room will be celebrating next Sunday, Feb. 12. The organization is Community Partners of Montgomery County, and their caption for their information states “25 Years of Giving Children Hope through the Rainbow Room.” Conroe’s Rainbow Room has, for these many years, been providing services to children and adults under the supervision of Child Protective Service (CPS) and Adult Protective Service (APS) in Montgomery County. Established in 1998, the Rainbow Room was honored to have Laura Bush, then the First Lady of Texas, as the featured speaker for the grand opening.


Two April Sound residents proudly serve on the Board of the Rainbow Room. Dolfia Hearn joined the Board in 2000 and has served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and is now a Director, while Jody McKay is a very welcome new member of the Board. The number of Board members varies from eight to twelve at any time. The Rainbow Room is located at the local CPS office in Con-roe and is stocked with new items for children. The Board take turns maintaining the room two to three days a week making sure provisions are in place and ready for the CPS Caseworkers to use as needed in support of the children under their care. CPMC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and relies on donations from the public, fundraisers, sometimes called “baby showers”, by local organizations, and support of such groups as the Junior League of The Woodlands. Sometimes when provisions get low, to stock up, the group goes shopping, usually at Wal-Mart. A list of some of the items most needed includes clothing for infants through 17-year-old teens, diapers, baby formula, baby food, hygiene items, shoes, blankets, child safety items such as car seats, safety gates, child-proofing kits, temporary bedding, etc., snacks, juice boxes, books, stuffed animals, and anything that might comfort a child who has experienced trauma and upheaval.

In the last eight years there has been an initiative within the organization to prevent suffocation resulting from babies and very young children having to share a bed with an adult or older sibling. The goal is to provide a separate bed for every child in need of one. Since this program began in late 2015, CPMC has provided new beds and bedding to 369 children! How wonderful! For more information on the Rainbow Room, and to find out ways you can assist in helping to maintain these services for the abused and/or neglected children and adults in Montgomery County, please visit the CPMC website at, or email the Board of Directors at or call Board President Bill Walton at 281-914 9841.


Congratulations to all those who have been so dedicated to keep the Rainbow Room providing these needed services for all these past 25 years!

As well as Dolfia, I thank Bill Smith, also with the Rainbow Room, for this information!

- Ann Marie Ricci, April Sound Conroe Texas for The Courier of Montgomery County

"There are 2 important days in your life: the day you are born and the day you find out why." ~Mark Twain

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